Painting as an entry Seasons of Life #2


Christina Ferfers walked the Walk of Wisdom and submitted a number of paintings as her entry for the second edition of Seasons of Life. At the moment, a station of her can also be seen in our starting and ending point, the Stevenskerk. After Easter, it will be auctioned for the benefit of the Food Bank.

Seasons of Life is a contemporary book of hours and pilgrims that is inspired by the famous medieval books of hours by the Nijmegen brothers of Limburg. The first edition was published on 21 June 2015 during the opening of the Walk of Walk of Wisdom with contributions from well-known and inspiring Dutch people. The next edition will be made up of a selection of pages by pilgrims. We will soon publish our vision on the content of the second edition.

More about Christina’s paintings and her station in front of the Stations of the Cross: link