Our staging post the Loonse Schuur wins ‘Uit mijn Keuken’ at Omroep Max

Loonse Schuur

Congratulations to Kees Trommelen in Neerloon who won this month at Omroep Max in the program ‘Uit mijn Keuken‘. Kees worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years in commercial positions, but decided to take a different approach a few years ago. He converted his barn on the dike (just before Ravenstein) into ‘the Loonse Schuur’.

The Loon Barn

Many a pilgrim has already fished his ring of Oss out of the jam jar or came to the always cordial Kees for coffee. There’s a good chance you’ve received a friendly cuddly muzzle from his dog Isa – everyone’s friend to every guest, but also a ‘tough as nail’ hunting dog. Kees regularly hunts with Isa and what he shoots, he prepares himself and you can eat it with him if you wish (wild boar sausage for example).

Non-meat eaters can also fully enjoy the beautiful barn or the deep garden with orchard that was set up with the help of the Brabants Landschap. We visited it this week and didn’t really want to leave. It’s nice to have a place where there is no pressure to consume, there is space and nothing exactly resembles other places because this place is not a formula, but a home where someone owns and does what he enjoys: cooking, being hospitable.

It is also regularly guest-free: it simply closes in the evening. “You could make a nice hiker’s cabin for pilgrims here, Kees!” His answer: “I’ve thought of that. But then I’m busy again in the evening. Work-life balance is more important to me.”

Broadcaster Max: link.
More about the Loonse Schuur: link.

Kees and Isa in front of the barn
Walk-of-Wisdom-2018-10-Ricardo Hernandez
The Loon Barn by pilgrim Ricardo Hernandez