On the way to wisdom on the Walk of Wisdom (9): Bert Wagendorp


By Klaas Drupsteen

When are you wise? How do you become it and what does it actually do for you? In the TV program ‘On the Way to Wisdom’ of Omroep Gelderland I went looking for answers to those questions.

I walked the Walk of Wisdom in nine stages and each time a well-known Gelderlander walked with me. I spoke with them about their lives and work, the way they have developed and the wisdom they have gained over the years.

In the ninth and final episode, which aired on March 28, writer and columnist Bert Wagendorp is my hiking companion. We walk from Deest to Nijmegen. According to him, knowledge leads to sorrow. When you know a lot, you tend to worry more. But according to Bert, wisdom also helps you to see how life works and how you can make it valuable.

We pay a visit to the artist duo Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas. They designed the icon of the Walk of Wisdom and talk about the idea behind it.

On the way to wisdom’ can be viewed on the site of Omroep Gelderland