On the way to wisdom on the Walk of Wisdom (4): Tjitske Jansen


By Klaas Drupsteen

When are you wise? How do you become it and what does it actually do for you? In the TV program ‘On the Way to Wisdom’ of Omroep Gelderland I went looking for answers to those questions.

I walked the Walk of Wisdom in nine stages and each time a well-known Gelderlander walked with me. I spoke with them about their lives and work, the way they have developed and the wisdom they have gained over the years.

In the fourth episode, which aired on 31 January, poet and writer Tjitske Jansen is a guest. “As an artist, you reflect on what many people ignore,” she says.

According to her, we are always busy with what has been or is yet to come. Too little in the now and that’s a shame, because we are human beings, not human doings.

Tjitske thinks that writing makes her wiser because it is a means to dare to be maladjusted, to remain original and to be as sincere as possible. For her, that is a form of wisdom. She tries to become more and more loving. A blessing for those who meet her.

‘On the way to wisdom’ can be viewed on the site of Omroep Gelderland