We Are Going on the Way to Wisdom

silent walk Walk of Wisdom

Modern pilgrimage is about the freedom to go your own way. Runners seek that freedom wherever there are pilgrimage routes and long-distance trails. To connect with that freedom, Path of Your Own Wisdom was our subtitle for years.

But is that why we started the Walk of Wisdom ? we wondered in recent years. Humanity is facing major social problems related to climate, polarization, refugees and inequality. In light of that, Path of Your Own Wisdom seems like a slogan from a bygone era. An era where “me, myself and I” freed itself from bourgeois norms of church and state, in order to shape life itself.

In 2021, many people also see that they are part of a larger whole. Many people need a positive perspective for action outside of the purely personal. They want to contribute something to society or nature. But what? How can you, as an individual, contribute to the major challenges of our time? Is that even possible?

It is precisely this question that we will be asking more often in the coming months. And to link the free, personal search for wisdom to the joint search for a liveable planet and society, we have chosen a new subtitle: On the Way to Wisdom. By the way, also the title of our next book! Lake.

Photo: departure ceremony Walk of Wisdom in Nicolaaskapel Nijmegen. By Jan Alers
Photo above: Marja Hakkoer