“On the road in silence” – New series of silent walks started

For me, walking in silence is a good way to consciously notice what can be seen, heard and felt in the environment around me. And that environment is also the people or the trees, the plants, the landscape, the season. The silence makes it accessible for me to feel what makes life valuable and beautiful.” Hans Peerden.

Silent Walks
Walk of Wisdom – Elysian Fields – Marja Hakkoer

Today we started our new series of 10 silent walks, with which we walk the Walk of Wisdom in a whole year. We wish all participants a nice trip together!
(The series is fully booked).

Silent walks: two companions and for nature

The entire series is supervised by volunteers. The proceeds of the registrations will go to the nature of our route.

Hans Peerden and Olga Bakers guide the first two walks. Hans was also the initiator of the series, with which we are now completing the entire round of the Walk of Wisdom for the fifth time in a year and via ten stages.

“Giving meaning to what happens in life, and committing myself to it and choosing it is inviting and important to me. At the start of WoW I saw a wonderful combination of walking, being outside, being on the road and discovering and sharing it with others. I think it makes sense to go out on your own sometimes, but sometimes with others.” Read the farewell interview with Hans as a board member: “More than just your own wisdom.”

Olga has been a volunteer at the Walk of Wisdom for years and keeps track of the list of overnight stays, among other things. Her motto for the silent walks: “Give it to yourself: in silence on the way.” Olga has already walked the Walk of Wisdom twice as a pilgrim, she wrote a report in French: ‘Mon balade de sagesse’. Or read her report on her 70th birthday: “What a joy to celebrate my 70th birthday in this way.”

Unfortunately, there are no more places available for the silent walks. Next year again!

Thanks to Vivian Cremers and Marja Hakkoer for their help with the organization. Manja Bente, Ben Dirks and Helma Mollenkamp took care of the departure ceremony from the Valkhof Chapel in Nijmegen today.