On a pilgrimage for a book – Mireille Geus

pilgrimage of MIreille Geus

When we walked away from the car on the first day, our lives immediately became clear. On the first day, during the first minutes, it already started to rain. Then we put on our lightweight raincoat and took shelter. We had to slow down right away. Adapting to something bigger than ourselves. After the shower, my head was out. The inner croaking stopped.

I note: total relaxation, sheltering under a tree, watching a beetle for half an hour.

Mireille Geus.

We hadn’t seen this reason to walk the Walk of Wisdom yet: as inspiration for a children’s book. Award-winning children’s book author Mireille Geus set out with her husband to finish her book of letters and to get ideas for a new book. It turned out to be a beautiful journey with new insights and something of a “miracle”.

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