Oak processionary caterpillar on the Walk of Wisdom

Where there are oak trees, the processionary caterpillar can be found and that is also on many parts of the Walk of Wisdom. So far, we have received concrete reports about the Mookerheide.

Keep in mind that not everyone is equally bothered by it and that the chance of nuisance is greatest when the wind blows, because then the hairs spread through the air. Here are a few tips from B&B in den Elsen in Kranenburg, near the Reichswald:

  • Before you take a break, check if there are any oaks with nests nearby. Also take the wind into account. The hairs are also dispersed by the wind. Abandoned nests also contain stinging hairs. These remain active for up to 7 years.
  • If you do get itchy, don’t scratch but use tape to remove the (invisible) hairs and shower afterwards. Rinse clothes as well.
  • Still itching despite tape and shower? Then use menthol ointment.
  • Where the nests are, walk as much as possible with body-covering clothing.

You can also find a lot of information on Wikipedia: link.
Photo oak leaf Wikipedia by Roger Griffith