Nice report by Francine Postma in the Libelle


Nice article by Francine Postma about her Walk of Walk of Wisdom in the new issue of the Libelle:

“Last year, I turned 50, and I had been kind of leaning towards that. Fifty sounds so serious and mature. I had thought I would feel the same way at this age: serious and mature, stable and confident. I was more insecure than ever and often felt rushed, anxious, tired and dull. Instead of taking an interest in the world around me, I retreated more and more into myself. What had happened to me and where was this going? The one thing I did know was that I don’t want to be afraid of getting older. Instead, I want to embrace it and learn a lot from it, eventually becoming a wise older woman.

So for my fiftieth birthday I gave myself the Walk of Wisdom , a 7-day pilgrimage around Nijmegen. I had read about it and the mission of the trek appealed to me: walking to wisdom. I love traveling long distances – once I overcame […] “

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“For her fiftieth birthday, journalist Francine Postma presents herself with the Walk of Wisdom , a 136-kilometre walking route around Nijmegen. The goal? More wisdom.”

Photo: by Francine Postma, symbol Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas on the dike in Winssen.

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