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Short practical guide for the modern pilgrim

With gladness and contentment we present our short practical guide for the modern pilgrim.…
17 October 2020/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Walk of Wisdom – a modern pilgrimage

We have a dream of a worldwide network of national pilgrimage trails connected together…
19 September 2020/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

In 2020 our pilgrim lace will be made from corque

Pilgrim lace Walk of Wisdom
We are making our starter kit for the pilgrimage more sustainable.…
7 January 2020/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

We packed our 5.000th starter kit!

Our volunteer starter kit team merrily packed our 5.000th starter kit. Pilgrims come from…
19 December 2019/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Walk of Wisdom photo pilgrimage

Paul Spierings set out for a Walk of Wisdom with his partner Alberthe. He sent us some…
19 December 2019/by Damiaan Messing

Johann and Goof on the path of wisdom

The assistance dog Goof from Johann van Rossum

Johann van Rossum walked the Walk of…
26 October 2019/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

New series of silent walks: the Walk of Wisdom one year around

Walk of Wisdom Ooijpolder, Yolanda van Diepen

On Saturday 28 September we will start…
1 September 2019/by Damiaan Messing

We support the Delta plan for the Landscape

Nederlands cultuurlandschap

Landscape contribution: thanks to all the pilgrims who…
13 August 2019/by Damiaan Messing

Pilot entrance fee Stevenskerk (WoW pilgrims can enter for free)

Our start and end point the Stevenskerk will start a pilot with an entrance fee of €2…
31 July 2019/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

55/5000 River goddess on the pilgrim path – report from Rian Boons

It's a wrap. Just at the last moment of the new year. What a nice trip. The last monument…
29 May 2019/by Damiaan Messing

Art en route

When you have passed Grave at our walking route, you will pass this: the old Roman…
5 February 2019/by Hilde van Beek

Walk of Wisdom wins big regional prize

Our Walk of Wisdom won the people's award in the election of the Gelderland province…
22 December 2018/by Lucy Holl