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“There are places I can’t pass without a smile…” – report silence walk by Gert Bos

Gert Bos participates as a volunteer in our annual series of 10 silent walks 'The Walk…
3 July 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Landscape contribution: new bench for Duivelsberg

Thanks to the donations for our starter packs, we were able to donate a bench to the…
30 June 2024/by Damiaan Messing

Caroline van Oost – Report of pilgrim 16.609

Caroline van Oost walked the Walk of Wisdom as the 16,609th pilgrim ever and wrote the…
27 June 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Walk of Wisdom in ‘pilgrim podcast’ Café Saint Jacques

After the sudden death of her sister-in-law, Anneke Scholten walked the Walk of Wisdom…
23 June 2024/by Damiaan Messing

A pilgrimage of 700 meters – report by Hermine Oldhoff

Hermine Oldhoff ran the first 700 meters of the Walk of Wisdom. That's all she could do.…
19 June 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

“We will miss you, dear pilgrims” – farewell to a welcome host

Annet Kooijmans For years, her husband and she offered hospitality to hundreds of pilgrims…
16 June 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

16 tips for the Walk of Wisdom – by Inge (Deventer Wandelinge)

My name is Inge and I am a city guide in Deventer. I love to stroll through the city…
25 May 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

A healing, enriching journey – report by Marianne

Marianne from Alphen aan de Rijn was the 15,256th pilgrim the Walk of Wisdom. She made…
24 May 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Silent walks – report Hans Peerden

Hans Peerden and a group of other pilgrims walk around the Walk of Wisdom in ten stages.…
18 May 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

We are all humans: on the magic of pilgrimage – by David Wen

At the end of May David Wen and Robert Spieker organize a group pilgrimage on the Walk…
17 May 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

From: Our Logbook Halfway

"In a kind of emptinessI walk along forest, water and heathFeel connectedFeel free

12 May 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Day care Andere Koek Wijchen helps with packing starter packs

The other Koek day care foundation is going to help us. Every year we send almost 3,000…
1 May 2024/by Manja Bente