New stop in Weurt: de Waalgaard

We have found an inspiring new stop in the last municipality on our route: the Waalgaard in Weurt.

Food forest-Waalgaard

In each municipality we have two places where pilgrims can ‘score’ their bird ring for the pilgrim’s shoelace. To our sorrow, café het Centrum in Weurt fell away some time ago due to the death of the cordial owner – Ans, we are thinking of you!

However, the Dijkmagazijn in Beuningen tipped us off to a club of practical nature lovers. Right on our route, they transform an old, heavily sprayed pear orchard into an inspiring food forest and pick-your-own orchard: the Waalgaard. Pilgrims are now welcome to take a look and pick up the bird ring for Weurt. There is a birdhouse with rings on the welcome sign.

Pilgrim’s path? Walk of Wisdom street?

Friendship, of course, starts by giving each other something. We would therefore like to give the Waalgaard a gift: we are adopting a number of pear trees from our landscape contribution. From every registration for a starter pack, we save money to give back to the landscape on our route. This is a beautiful destination.

We can now give a name to a street with pear trees. We’re looking for the right one. Pilgrim’s path? Walk of Wisdom street? Suggestions welcome. Mail us at [email protected].

Where can you find the Waalgaard?

Voedelbos and pick-your-own orchard de Waalgaard is right on our route: Scharsestraat 8, Weurt. It is the second address where you can score a bird ring, after Dijkmagazijn Beuningen (thanks for the tip brothers!).

  • If you enter the dike at Weurt from the Weurtse Straatje, it is at the bottom right of the dike.
  • If you come from the dike from Beuningen, it is to the right of the dike, before you walk past Weurt and you see a large puddle of water on your left.

Take a look at their website:

Or listen to this podcast about the Waalgaard of edible Nijmegen.