‘New doors open in unsecurity’ (Lucy van Norel, pilgrim 1011)

How touching to walk under a hedge of singing people as the start of walking the Walk of Wisdom… And it is a great hedge of people: my departure is the end of a festive gathering on the occasion of the departure of the 999th pilgrim of this great initiative!

The day before I leave, I read a poem in which I am touched by a sentence:

“…..for the path you will walk | diffuses more light | than you could have ever hoped for…”

And with that I set out, my path of growing in wisdom and love for life…

The angels who mark the route of this path are not the only ones: in one way or another, ‘angels’ always fall to me in the form of texts or poems. I use them to explore that one sentence, to question myself, which is easier for me on foot anyway. Also, for example, the different faces of the winter landscape seem to provide me with answers…

Somewhere in those days I read a text: “The essence of time is change. Perpetual change. … Letting go is different from leaving behind. Holding on is different from refusing to move on. To let go is to allow what was to resonate within you as you move forward. To hold on is to allow yourself to move on, while what was there will reverberate within you forever.”

I can walk a few kilometers on this text… And in the meantime I look with a renewed eye at a landscape that is quite familiar to me, where I am often surprised by paths that are still unknown to me, so untrodden: beautiful how that coincides, that inner and outer world…. In this way, while walking along the path of life, more insight matures about what keeps me busy on this journey….

In the last days of walking, the poem below by Hans Stolp crosses my path, and with that the circle of my theme and thoughts about this seems to be complete….

Dare to let go of the old

Leave your mother-father’s house

In unsecurity, new doors open

Who life will show you

Lot’s wife,

She couldn’t

She kept longing for the old

but lost himself in the process, petrified

Only those who can let go

who and what was her/his anchor

who goes off the beaten track

will find what really matters

The future cannot be squeezed into old forms

She unfolds radiantly

For those who are detached from what was……..

In this way, the future becomes a form of light

Hans Stolp

Lucy van Norel (pilgrim 1011), December 2016-February 2017