Nearly 1,500 pilgrims in 2018

Walk of Wisdom is growing. We’re not talking about the 136 kilometers that you walk (although it can of course feel longer at times). But more and more pilgrims know where to find us.

A look back in numbers: In 2017, 1187 pilgrims registered. More are added every year. In the whole of 2018, there were already 1433, a record number. The total number of walkers is now at 3900.

We are pleased that this ritual is being shared more and more widely. What we do resonates with so many hikers. Discovering that you need the silence. 136 kilometers no distractions, and room for contemplation. It is, as pilgrim Robert wrote last year: Training yourself in slowness. Practice taking time. You can read his story here.

Many pilgrims inform us of beautiful unexpected encounters and events. Sometimes in a shared experience, as happened during the Silent Walks that we organized for the second time last year. But most of them walk alone. Pilgrim Mieke also walked last year: ‘I was on the road alone for six days and never for a moment did I feel ‘alone’. The days were filled with seemingly minuscule things – an observation in nature, a pleasant conversation, an insight that put things into perspective – which together grew into a precious jewel.’

Also path? You can order the starter pack here. From each registration, €1 goes to the landscape in which you walk. In 2018 we gave back almost €1500. Among others, the Stevenskerk, Natuurmonumenten, the Gelderland Landscape and the local Bird Protection were the beneficiaries.

Photos: Rianne Kaspers (pilgrim 2957)