Nature was there first

If you could give something back to nature, what would it be? The first thing that came to mind was: space, nature came first!

This realization grew deep in me during my stay in a caravan near the route in Berg en Dal. Here I had to accept -after some irritation- that I live there with a colony of mice, who for some reason love to relieve themselves in the tub in which I washed. The mosquitoes also had their share. Especially the female mosquito, who thinks she has to reproduce with the red stuff inside me.

I decided: they had lived here before. In this forest they lived together with the squirrels, woodpecker, robin and the falcon. I accepted my place in the whole, which made me see or rather: feel nature with different eyes.

This feeling is now deepening a little more every day. In fact, I get, I create, space for my own nature. Or something like that! I don’t quite understand it yet, but I’m on my way to a kind of ancient wisdom, it feels that way.

In any case, I also like to literally make room for nature: I have signed up for the World Clean up day on Saturday 18 September on the Walk of Wisdom. Will you join us?