‘My most important learning point: I was allowed to stop by myself’ (pilgrim Ans van de Leemkolk)


On March 18, 2017 I departed from the Valkhof Chapel in Nijmegen. My goal: to walk The Walk of Wisdom in four days with a backpack in preparation for my hike from Porto to Santiago!

What did this trip bring me:

  • Warmth, stillness, among other things because of the beautiful song with which I was sung (there was also a group that would do a silent walk that day of the departure ceremony… It really wasn’t there for me alone, ha, ha)
  • Great commitment and involvement of volunteers
  • Errors and solutions, even fear for a moment
  • Great nature, sweet help along the way when I lost the route again

But …….the most important learning point for me was: after three days of lugging in the rain with a knee that was becoming more and more painful, I was allowed to STOP. Something I almost never allow myself to do.

I will definitely walk The Walk of Wisdom all the way through again, but with a more logical and feasible schedule. In the meantime, the logo adorns my house; What a beautiful image.

Ans van de Leemkolk