“My footsteps are becoming hesitant and slow as I walk in” (pilgrim Ricky Rieter on her Walk of Wisdom)


The Labyrinth and Me
End of my
‘Walk of wisdom’.
My footsteps are
hesitant and slow
Now that I walk in…

My life, a labyrinth,
of not seeing, and seeing,
of doubt, and believing,
of fear and trust,
of sorrow and joy,
of desire and fulfillment,

Bumps there were, many,
my life a labyrinth,
Yes; in the city centre
After my detours,
I’m gaining weight.
What do I think?
A treasure?
I bend down and see
The Little Labyrinth
In the great, marvel
to make the compact display of
what my life was.
I’m gaining weight…

I pause and muse…
joy flows within me,
Now that I, as with new wings,
go the way out,
My stride is getting faster
And I smile at it
fail and find,
I’ve learned
of my life,
as it was, and
open my arms to
The space around me now
I leave the labyrinth,
joy fills me,
An immense joy

Here I am,
And it’s good!

Ricky Rieter
author of ‘Pilgrimage, walking still’
and was a retreat counselor for twenty years


Pilgrim Ricky Rieter walked the Walk of Wisdom and the last route map inspired her to write this text and photo. It is her entry for the new Pilgrim’s Book of Hours that is in the making. Click here for more information.