More than 1,500 pilgrims for the Walk of Walk of Wisdom


At the beginning of this month, the Walk of Wisdom passed the number of registered pilgrims. About two years after the opening of the contemporary route, more and more people are finding the ‘path of your own wisdom’.

In the first year, the pilgrims mainly came from the region, but now they come from all over the country. The route takes you through two countries, three provinces and eleven municipalities.

Pilgrims fill in the route completely differently. Many people only walk the route as a kind of reflection on their lives. Others walk together. A couple walked in the opposite direction only to meet each other again in the middle and at the end (coincidentally in brewers’ café De Hemel).

For her 60th birthday, Marlou Elsen invited dear people to take turns walking a part of her tour or eating together along the route. The youngest pilgrim of the route (Agnes, 6 years old) left at the beginning of August with her mother, forester Ellen Luijks.

Photo: susanisweg