Monica Boschman : new chair of our board

We have a new chairman of our foundation board: Monica Boschman. Monica (1965) works as a poet, journalist and writing teacher. Monica replaces Thomas Hontelez, who retired after seven years on the board and is now running the Pacific Crest Trail in the U.S.

Monica Boschman
Monica Boschman

Monica lives and works in the outskirts of Gassel, not far from the Walk of Wisdom route. There she provides writing retreats and poetry courses, among other things. For her own poems, she recently took on the role of Mariken van Nieumeghen: Nieuwe Wegen voor Mariken. A statue of Mariken stands at the beginning of our route. For Monica, Mariken’s story is that “of the searching person who, like Mariken, has to fall and get up several times to really get to know himself.” About the devil, who Mariken throws into the story of the Stevens Church in Nijmegen (our starting and ending point):

You say I’m yours
but break with your own hands
Don’t you dare.

Was there a more cowardly weapon
for drop
than gravity?

Recently we visited Monica in Gassel, where she and her family have created an oasis of nature and tranquility. A wonderful place to work and be. “My mission is to capture the core in words. I’m looking for what touches and lives beneath the surface. Closely related to my work are photography, labyrinth work and early walks.”

We are grateful to Thomas for his many years of involvement: have a good trip brother! And we are happy that we have found a strong chairman in Monica: welcome!


Someone walks up to me
the image is still undefined.
We’ll see each other, the further
on the path, the closer.

My back and head every step of the way
a little straighter on and – en passant –
the corners of the mouth slightly higher
for greeting, speaking

of a good day.

That’s how we pass each other by
touch the same earth. Where you
Just walked, I walk. I came across myself
On the other hand, have I met you?

You don’t look back. My back
And head, they are now showing again
who I was before. Without eyes
of another, without glow.

Monica Boschman

More about Monica Boschman

Check out her website for more about her poetry collections, writing and poetry retreats.