Walk of Wisdom – a modern pilgrimage


We have a dream of a worldwide network of national pilgrimage trails connected together by shared values and some basic rites and symbols. A modern pilgrimage independent of a religion. We have written a charter to state our case:

Read as online flipbook:

Charter – Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage

The beginning success of a new pilgrimage tradition

In 2015 we opened a pioneer trail of 136 kilometres around Nijmegen in the Netherlands. This pioneer trail is a beginning success with enthusiastic feedback from +- 6.500 pilgrims since the opening in mid 2015.

We now hope to inspire people abroad to grow a Walk of Wisdom pilgrimage in their own country based on this charter. Organizations that qualify receive a sublicense of our pilgrimage symbol designed by Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas on a non commercial basis.

Find out more in our charter: Download pdf