Marjoke Schulten from monumental to miniature


At the end of 2013 we started looking for artists for the first time for the contemporary book of hours and pilgrims ‘Seasons of Life’. I immediately thought of Marjoke Schulten. Her work would fit very well in terms of content, but the size of her cardboard prints was far too large. I asked her if she could also make miniature pictures. Enthusiastic as she is, Marjoke answered: ‘Of course it will work!’. Not with the technique she had used so far, but she was still able to learn new things! After mastering the technique of digital drawing, she started experimenting with the laser cutter in the Stadslab in Rotterdam. It became a process of trial and error. In mid-2014 she wrote: ‘ … And then the result. I’m happy with it, although I’ve had a lot of misprints and almost all of them in the last 10 print runs. To drive you crazy. Of course, the edition remains very exclusive in this way :-)’ 

Anyway, after a year of experimentation, she sent the first print: ‘Constellation’. I immediately thought it was a beautiful print. So expectant, so joyful and full of hope and longing. I also think it is important that the monumentality and clarity of her large prints is also maintained in the miniatures  .

After that, Marjoke made four more beautiful prints. She has now really mastered the technique. In November she emailed: ‘Here is an image of the fourth picture ‘The Message’. The edition is huge: 24 pieces!!! I’m slowly starting to get it, that pressing. I’m going to make another one soon and then I’ll bring everything!’ 

The conditions that the miniatures had to meet led to new graphic solutions and techniques. Marjoke Schulten can be proud of this as an artist and as a senior lecturer in design at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam.

Marjoke Schulten (1970) graduated from the Rotterdam Academy of Art in 1993 with a degree in graphic design.