Many new pilgrims – route guides sold out – Love for the Landscape [Weekjournaal 01 – januari 2016]

b2ap3 thumbnail Starter Kit SusaniswegMany new pilgrims

The organization of the Walk of Wisdom has come out of hibernation and has been pleasantly surprised by the large number of new pilgrims: almost 60 in one month. For example, read Susan’s nice blog on her website

All pilgrims of 2016 will receive a bird ring with the year 2016 as proof of registration with their own unique registration number behind it. Last year we did the same thing, but of course with 2015. We started with registration number 1 and came up with 458. For 2016 we had ordered rings from registration number 501. The numbers 459 to 500 are now ordered with the year 2016, so that the count is correct again. Curious to see which song we will end up with this year… Many thanks to Manja Bente who kept the pilgrim office open in the winter.

Route guides sold out

Partly due to its success, we have run out of route guides. We were already working on the second, slightly modified, edition. This is expected to come off the printer around February 14. There are some problems because the previous printer went bankrupt, but with some care we find another one that is just as good.

Pilgrims who register now will not receive their starter pack until after 14 February. If you insist on leaving before that date, we will send a black and white printout of the route guide in the starter pack, after which we will send the printed guide later at the extra cost of €5

Love for the landscape

Pilgrims have so far responded enthusiastically to the beauty of the route. We couldn’t agree more. To spread that love and to give something back to the landscape, we are organizing a summer pilgrimage this year with the theme ‘love for the landscape’.

Pilgrims can walk the route in the summer as a sponsored run for a nature project along the route. If possible, there is also an opportunity to eat together with other pilgrims and, for example, to spend an afternoon working on those projects. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a nature project, it can also be a cultural landscape, for example a precious monument. 

On Friday, we invited the mayors who are ambassadors to nominate a project. Next week, we will make that call to everyone. To be continued!