Linguists wanted (English or German)

Are you good at English or German? You might want to help us (as a volunteer) with the translation of our website and route guide into German and English.

What’s the plan?

We want to expand the Walk of Wisdom to other countries and open it in the Netherlands to pilgrims from across the border. Not everyone outside the Netherlands speaks our language and we will have to gradually make our communication multilingual.

We’ll start with German and English. Germany is on the pioneer route. English is – still – the lingua franca of today. That is why we choose those two languages.

What exactly is needed?

The website has about 35 pages that need to be translated. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, we know editors for whom German or English is the mother tongue; They are prepared to correct the texts.

The route guide has 10 regular pages and 34 route descriptions that need to be translated. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect right away, because we let the text run through. Experience as a hiker is important in the route descriptions, to keep the explanations compact and clear.

We have the translated route descriptions tested by practice pilgrims, of course you can nominate a candidate for this. He will receive the stat package as a gift from us.

Interested in promoting one’s own wisdom in this way? Please contact pioneer Damiaan on [email protected].

Image: Constellation, Marjoke Schulten. A miniature from Seasons of Life: A Contemporary Book of Hours and Pilgrims