‘Let it go and it will be all right’ (pilgrim Sabine Juckenack on her Walk of Wisdom)



My Walk of Wisdom

If you’ve experienced pilgrimage once, you’ll be hooked…. Yes, after three times Santigo de Compostela via the Camino Frances and the Camino Portuguese, I was now looking closer to home. An acquaintance gave me a walking newspaper in which the Walk of Wisdom was described. And I immediately thought YES, that’s for me. Starting point Nijmegen was convenient because I wanted to walk with my sister. She’s from the south, I’m from the north, and we meet in the middle.

We started on April 20th. After a very warm welcome in the Stevenkerk we set off. I had only booked an overnight stay for the first night. For me, pilgrimage is letting go and trusting that things will work out. And it worked out.

My attempt to book a B&B in Milsbeek for the 2nd night didn’t really work. The first one went on vacation, the second one was full, but had good tips for alternatives. That’s how we ended up at Camping Klein Amerika in Groesbeek. Slightly off the route, but that’s part of it. A beautiful little campsite, where we spent the night in the podge, a small, preferably wooden house. The problem with dinner was quickly resolved. The campsite owner fired up his wood-burning ovens to bake pizza. In the morning breakfast was brought in a basket and we could start the day with a view of the Reichswald. It was really enjoyable and confirmed once again: let it go and it will be fine.

The next two nights in Overasselt and in Ravenstein were arranged more quickly.

Tuesday, April 24, we walked to Winssen. We wanted to stop in Deest, but there was no bed. It didn’t work out in Winssen either. One was full, the other didn’t answer the phone and I left a message.

Then we said: ‘Or they respond until we get to the bus stop, otherwise we’ll take the bus to Nijmegen and go home’. Just arrived at the bus stop, the bus came, as if it was meant to be. We boarded the train and took the train home in Nijmegen.
We both had the feeling: it’s okay, even without the last few kilometres.

The walk did me good. I notice that especially in the weeks that follow. I’m recharged, have my camino smile on my face again and can handle everything again.

Sabine Juckenack

Photo: Spend the night in a podge.