Landscape contribution: €222 for nature foundation Kadans in Nederasselt


Thanks to the donations for our starter packages of pilgrims, we were able to transfer €222 to nature foundation Kadans in Nederasselt. In this way, we give something back to the beautiful nature around Nijmegen on behalf of our pilgrims.

Kadans Nature Foundation

The foundation manages a small nature reserve of 9 hectares in Nederasselt, a village just before Grave. However, while our pilgrims walk right past it, they will often miss the area. The Walk of Wisdom runs between the nature reserve and a fish pond, with the Maasmolen on the other side. Many pilgrims will probably admire that mill from a distance. As a result, they have their backs to the nature reserve. That’s a shame, because if you want, you can take a tour of the nature reserve.

the Maasmolen opposite Kadans

The foundation has been managing the area since 2003 and with dedicated volunteers maintains the nature reserve including many nesting boxes, a butterfly garden and a stork pole – with a successful brood this year, hooray! Their wildlife camera recorded, among other things, a deer and a badger.

Roll up your sleeves

The foundation organizes DIY days every month: put on your work clothes, come and have a coffee and get to work. For example, on 14 October, 4 November (National Nature Work Day) or 16 December. On Saturday 21 October, they will pick up litter. Full agenda: link.

Landscape contribution

The landscape contribution of the Walk of Wisdom is made possible thanks to donations from pilgrims for our starter kits. We set aside at least €1 of this to support the landscape on the Walk of Wisdom. We donate money to Natuurmonumenten and the Geldersch Landschap, but also to the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. And now with great pleasure the Kadans foundation in Nederasselt. You guys are doing a good job there, keep up the good work!

More about nature foundation Kadans and group walk

Check the Kadans website for the DIY days or book a group walk (including a visit to the Maasmolen): link.

Photos: website nature foundation kadans.