Landscape contribution: €150 for Natuurmonumenten

Thanks to 150 new registrations as pilgrims, we were able to transfer €150 to Natuurmonumenten. From every registration, we save €1 for the landscape along the route. Previously, we sponsored the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association, the Stevens Church and the Bijendichter foundation, among others. It’s nice to not only ‘consume’ the landscape, but also to contribute to it.

The money for Natuurmonumenten will go to a future wildlife tunnel in Mook. On map 14 of the route guide, cross the fairly busy Groesbeekseweg at your dot 3 – after the former waste mountain. A lot of wildlife that lives on the Mookerheide is killed on that road. Natuurmonumenten is now saving up for a wildlife tunnel with accompanying fencing.

Support Natuurmonumenten by becoming a member. This is possible from as little as €2.50 per month. The Netherlands is beautiful and we have to maintain it together: more information.