Landscape contribution: €1,000 for Land van Ons


For every pilgrim who registers, we save €1 to give back to nature: our landscape contribution. Because the Walk of Wisdom is doing well – we are approaching the 10,000th registration – we can donate a nice amount of money every year to landscape goals along the route.

We asked pilgrims what we can give something extra to this year. “Land of Us!” four of them tipped off. We have therefore decided to donate €1,000 of our landscape contribution to Land van Ons this year.

Land of Us?

Land van Ons is a young, but fast-growing cooperative where the members buy agricultural land together. The land is leased under favourable financial conditions to farmers who are committed to biodiversity and the landscape. A nice practical idealistic initiative that fits perfectly with our values: stubborn and yet connected.

We would love to look for a plot on the Walk of Wisdom with the cooperative. Who knows, maybe our pilgrims will help buy this so that it can be leased to a farmer who will make something beautiful out of it. In this way, we all contribute to maintaining the beautiful landscape along the route. Who knows, maybe a few bunk beds for a pilgrim’s hostel can be placed in the barn…

“Your first step is a dream and an act,” wrote Mark Schilders, the troubadour of the pilgrim’s song with which we opened the Walk of Wisdom in 2015. We are happy to take the first step and donate €1,000 to the cooperative to purchase land.

Update 8 December: those who participate in Land van Ons become a non-risk-bearing member of the cooperative and thus indirectly of a piece of land. As Walk of Wisdom foundation, we renounce this ownership. The monetary donation is entirely intended for the cooperative to spend.

To know more about Land of Us: link.