Join our new series of silence walks

On Sunday 4 February, our series of 10 silent walks ‘The Walk of Wisdom in a year round‘ will start. Will you walk with us? You can register for the entire series, but also for a separate walk. The proceeds will go to a new bench on the route.

Silently walk around the entire Walk of Wisdom in ten stages over the course of a year. In a small group, every first Sunday of the month. Together with up to 20 others, you will walk the beautiful route under the guidance of two cordial volunteers. There will be an opportunity for exchange during the break. The volunteers choose a few texts to read aloud for reflection.

The distance of the silence walks is +- 16 kilometers with one outlier of 23 kilometers. The hikes can be quite tough with elevation changes. Some hiking experience and basic fitness are therefore recommended.

Proceeds and departure ceremony

Proceeds from the walks go to the Walk of Wisdom landscape. For example, with the money from the previous series, we are paying for a bench at the Geldersch Landscape.

We begin the series of walks with a joint departure ceremony. Accompanied by music, you will have the opportunity to set an intention for your journey. We do this in the more than 1,000-year-old St. Nicholas Chapel in the Valkhof Chapel. Gathering: at the statue of Mariken van Nimweghen on the Grote Markt Nijmegen.

Enrollment details

Lane Wijchen

– The walks are on the first Sunday of every month.
– Start time: between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., depending on étappe. A week in advance we’ll email you the info.
– Gather at Nijmegen central train/bus station.
Note: First stage we will gather at 09.45h on the Nijmegen Grand Market at the statue of Mariken for departure ceremony with music.


– Participation in the entire series is €50. Participants will also receive a starter kit at a reduced rate of €15 (instead of €33). Postage: €4.45.
– Total: €69.45 (donation+starting package+postage)
– Already a starter kit? Then it’s €50. Click here to register for the whole series
– The contribution for a separate silent walk is €10,-.

Questions? Email Vivian at [email protected].
Photos : Marja Hakkoer.

All dates in a row

14-2-2023Nijmegen – Beek Ubbergen
23-3-2023Beek Ubbergen – Kranenburg
37-4-2023Kranenburg – Plasmolen
45-5-2023Plasmolen – Malden
52-6-2023Malden – Nederasselt
67-7-2023Nederasselt – Ravenstein
74-8-2023Ravenstein – Wijchen
81-9-2023Wijchen – Afferden
96-10-2023Afferden – Beuningen
103-11-2023Beuningen – Nijmegen

About counseling

Hans Peerden and Olga Bakers guide some of the walks. Hans initiated the series, with which we are now walking the entire Walk of Wisdom in a group for the sixth time. He walks with us most of the walks. Read an interview with him as he stepped down as a board member: More than just his own wisdom.

Olga has been a volunteer with the Walk of Wisdom for many years and, among other things, keeps the overnight list. Her motto for the silence walks: “Treat yourself: walking in silence.” Olga already walked the Walk of Wisdom twice as a pilgrim, she wrote an account in French: “Mon balade de sagesse. Or read her account following her 70th birthday: “What a treat to celebrate my 70th birthday this way.”

Read a report by facilitator Gert Bos of previous silence walk here: link.

More about the series or sign up

Look here to sign up or for more information.

“For me, walking in silence is a good way to notice consciously, what can be seen, heard and felt in the environment around me. And that environment includes the people or the trees, the plants, the landscape, the season. The silence makes it accessible for me to feel what makes life valuable and beautiful.”
Hans Peerden.