Introduction: What is Seasons of Life?

A contemporary book of hours and pilgrims

Every year we organize a free Summer Exhibition in the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. We always choose a theme for this and 2015 is all about the contemporary book of hours ‘Seasons of Life’.

Duc de BerrySeasons of Life will be a contemporary version of the medieval books of hours. Today, Christianity is no longer the unifying community it was for many people in the Middle Ages. A new, global community is emerging in which multiple religions coexist on an equal basis and also people who have nothing to do with religion live. What connects that community? How can you shape your life in the midst of so many impressions? There is an ongoing search that we want to support with the Book of Hours.

In August 2015 the ‘Walk of Wisdom’ will also start from the Stevenskerk. Because these projects fit well together, Intermedi-Art and the Walk of Walk of Wisdom Foundation work together. In addition, the Contemporary Book of Hours is intended to kick off the 2016 Limburg Brothers Year. The Nijmegen brothers Herman, Paul and Johan van Limburg went to France around 1400 and were commissioned by the Duc de Berry to make beautiful miniatures for the famous books of hours the Belles Heures and Très Riches Heures. Thanks to the exhibition of this work in 2005 in Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen, the annual Gebroeders van Limburg Festival was born.

Through this blog, I hope to inform you about the developments with some irregularity.

Kind regards,
Theo van Stiphout, Intermedi-Art Art Affairs,