Inspiration walk “Germination” – report

In April, Manja Bente and Lidia van Engeland organised an inspiration walk in the run-up to International Earth Day. The theme was ‘germination’. Below is a report by Manja. Photos by Vivian Cremers.

Manja is co-developer of the Walk of Wisdom and Lidia is a pilgrim coach (more).

Inspiration walk

On Saturday, April 15, we celebrated the germination of the earth during an inspiration walk. It is remarkable what a power there is in the earth and where all the elements of fire, earth, water and air play a role. It was nice to think about that so consciously.

We were about 20 people in total. Lidia of England opened the day with a beautiful story. She had germinated a seed at home and brought it with her. The casing was still like a lid on the seedling. As special and simple as it goes in nature. Everything you see in nature has germinated from a seed.

It was a nice group that had gathered and went as it should all day. Walking together in silence. A beautiful ceremony framed with music that matched it nicely , in the middle of nature. A reaction from a participant: “gee I didn’t know that was so beautiful to walk together in silence, you don’t have to do anything else, but you are still together”.

Grounded and connected, satisfied and with a sunflower seed that we were given, and beautiful encounters, we said goodbye. We will take this beautiful experience with us.

Thank you Frank Drijvers for your music at the start, thank you Marjon Gescher for the special ceremony, thank you Mark Schilders and Clive Burrill for the beautiful music around it, and thank you Lidia van Engeland for shaping this day together.

Are you sorry I wasn’t there? Next year there will be another celebration in the run-up to International Earth Day. ” Manja Bente.

Donation for Dutch Cultural Landscape

The inspiration walk went from the Valkhof Chapel in Nijmegen to the Wylerberg house. In the Wylerberg house, the special headquarters of the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of Berg en Dal. At the end of the walk, we donated the registration fee and some extras to the association’s mission to lay out more than 200,000 kilometers of field edge and meadow edge with hedges, ditches, hedgerows and canals. See their Delta Plan for the landscape.

Take a look at our new book of hours On the way to Wisdom. The theme of the second chapter is ‘germination’. Lake.