In the silence of the fog – a report

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Manja Bente is co-developer of the Walk of Wisdom and participated in the fourth silent walk in the series of ten: ‘the Walk of Walk of Wisdom in a year round’. Below is her report.

Silent walk

It was a very cold morning, I don’t like this weather. The blood then drains from my hands and feet, so that means well dressed on the way to the 4th silent walk in a series of 10 walks.

The theme Olga had chosen for this silent walk was Gratitude. A term that is frequently used these days, but how beautiful when you really think about it. Olga told us that we think a lot, but it is only 1 letter difference with the word thanks.

The first part we were able to vibrate the word grateful and I felt grateful for all the walkers who walked in front of me. Wonderful; The people walking in silence in the silence of the fog, no wind, everything was still.

Olga Bakers, together with Anja van Wegen, had led the silent walk to determine the places of rest as well as possible. Every time after the break, there were moments when there was a brief consideration. What was so beautiful was that everyone could go back to their own place of silence.

The first stop was at the home of Ryon Groenen, who is also a homestay for hikers and received us all with a delicious homemade stewed pear cake. Nice to see that everyone was touched by her hospitality. Despite the fact that we entered her house with 24 people, there was a place for everyone. This created a sense of togetherness. The theme did its job.

But the journey continued, everyone put their shoes back on and hit the road.

It was always quiet on the way……… as Sebastian said so beautifully; Everyone in their own bubble, but it’s so nice that you’re still together.

I am now sitting by my wood stove after enjoying this special walk, as it should be with glowing cheeks and a satisfied feeling.

Thank you Olga and Anja for this beautiful trip!


Next silent walk: agenda.

Photo: Antoinette Engelenberg – Mookerheide