In Search of Wisdom on the Walk of Wisdom (1): Hubert Bruls

Klaas Drupsteen of Omroep Gelderland

By Klaas Drupsteen

When are you wise? How do you become it and what does it actually do for you? In the TV program ‘On the Way to Wisdom’ of Omroep Gelderland I went looking for answers to those questions.

I walked the Walk of Wisdom in nine stages and each time a well-known Gelderlander walked with him. I spoke with them about their lives and work, the way they have developed and the wisdom they have gained over the years.

In the first episode, which aired on January 10, my guest was Hubert Bruls, the mayor of Nijmegen.

Mayor of Nijmegen Hubert Bruls

‘Bruls said that wisdom sweetens life and offers perspective. Without that and without hope, you can’t really live. That is why gaining wisdom is important and that can only be done by gaining experience. According to Bruls, knowledge is worth very little if it is not lived through.

Every week I present a wise text to my guest. Bruls’ came from the Bible:

Think of wisdom as the honey for your life. If you find wisdom, you have a future, your hope is not lost
(Proverbs 24:14)

It was a privilege to be able to walk and converse with Hubert Bruls on the Walk of Wisdom, where, despite the fascinating conversations, we occasionally fell silent due to the beauty of the landscape.

On the way to wisdom is broadcast every Sunday evening on TV Gelderland. The first broadcast is always at 5.20 p.m. and after that there is a repeat every hour. The program can also be viewed via this link