Impression of Juliet, the 5,000th pilgrim

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Julia and her husband Henk walked the Walk of Wisdom in the second half of August. They had a special starter pack: number 5,000. That’s why there were all kinds of treats on the way from stops on the route.

Last fall, we decided to walk the Walk of Wisdom in the spring of 2020. My husband Henk had retired in October and we thought that was a great opportunity to go on a trip.

Because I already had the pilgrim package at home, I was pleasantly surprised that I was still allowed to do this as the 5,000th. We decided to go for a week in April, but corona threw a spanner in the works and postponed our walk until August.

We had already done the preparations… Although there were some last-minute changes due to cancellations of overnight stays.

Saturday 15 August we attended the very impressive departure ceremony. Monday we started our hike. The weather was good and we were looking forward to it.

It was a week we won’t soon forget… Puffing… climbing… Falling… sun… rain… We enjoyed the area and the many nice places.

Partly thanks to the nice offers and treats along the way, it has been a super week for us, but sometimes also a tough week.

I would like to thank De Witte Molen in Kranenburg and the Emmaus Monastery in Velp for the free overnight stay and the nice reception.

De Diepen in Milsbeek and An ‘t Hoag on the Waldgraaf for coffee and cake/cake. And there was an unexpected surprise at B&B Het Elzend in Bergharen… When we arrived at the Stevenskerk we had to wait a while because there was a meeting. But then we were warmly welcomed to register ourselves in the pilgrim register. Then there was a nice ending on a terrace with Manja Bente from the Walk of Walk of Wisdom. That made the week complete.


on behalf of Henk and Julia