“I was always stopped” (report by Hinde Joldersma)

Foto door Hinde Joldersma

I came for the Walk of Wisdom
was surprised by the English Choir Vespers
was suddenly the third doe in the Stevenskerk
Happy and fulfilled, I then left for the hiking trail
but didn’t move forward
was always stopped
stopped at every terrace
thoroughly enjoyed meeting and meeting
And just kept slowing down
It wasn’t about the miles either
Pilgrimage wasn’t an achievement either
To make a pilgrimage was to slow down
Suddenly, I found myself in no man’s land
Totally lost, I found my way
Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat
Unexpected help from strangers on my path
There was no such thing as coincidence, something happened to me…
I was stopped again
My shoes failed me
I let go of everything and was surprised again
A special woman plucked me off the trail
I could continue as an enlightened pilgrim
I was stopped again
Overcome by an enormous fear
right in front of me, suddenly jumped
Two haggard-looking men off their bikes
Like they were after me
I didn’t want to walk with fear
but with self-confidence
Had I developed an unrealistic fear of the fear itself?
Should I break through this fear now?
I landed back on earth at the glider airfield
regained confidence
I found a veiled horse
a pig tossing its snout in the ground
No contact was possible
So I took a trip inside
A day of reflection
In the meantime I have blue toes
Swapped my shoes for flip-flops
I arrived at the monastery while slipping
was again surprised by well-known pilgrims
Surprised by hospitality
Surprised by peace and serenity
Surprised by an amazing bird concert in the monastery garden
as if heaven had descended to earth for a moment
I was stopped again
because of this fantastic location and the coffee
I just couldn’t say goodbye to this lovely place
then ended up in special encounters again
Full of interest, we were open to each other without judgment
I was stopped again
through hours of pouring rain
Had to adapt to the circumstances
was touched by enormous hospitality
and delicious coffee
I had to choose between different paths
decided to listen to my inner voice
I was stopped again
on the Waalbandijk
As a result, I ran to a surprising finish
and came to the following final insight:
those who want to rack up the miles quickly
runs according to a tight schedule
But if you really want to meet
and likes to be surprised
Slows down
if necessary in flip-flops

(pilgrim 2930)

Hinde also organises pilgrimage walks – the Hinde Walk – “to meet, connect, slow down, slow down, reflect, let go, reflect and above all to enjoy!”

Photo by Hinde Joldersma


Hinde Joldersma

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