Hunting lodge Mookerheide closed – bird box with rings

Hunting lodge Mookerheide – bird box with rings

Hunting lodge Mookerheide has been closed since the beginning of this year. A pity, because it was one of the two stops where pilgrims picked up their bird ring for the municipality of Mook. The other place is ‘t Zwaantje.

The manager of Natuurmonumenten allowed us to hang a bird box at the barn of the Hunting Lodge. The barn is opposite the greenhouses in the lane to the Hunting Lodge. The rings are in the box, so feel free to unpack one (if no bird is going to breed in it, that is…)

If you want a cup of coffee or lunch, you are welcome at ‘t Zwaantje. When you spend €5 or more, you will receive a candle with an image of the nearby forest chapel.