House for the Inner City of Nijmegen makes 10 kilometers possible


The House for the Inner City of Nijmegen is making 1,000 euros available from the activity budget for the opening of the Walk of Wisdom. We are very happy with this amount. Thanks to this budget, we can, among other things, pay the travel costs of the speakers and treat the volunteers, writers and ambassadors of our route to a meal in gratitude for their warm and selfless commitment.

On to a beautiful and special opening of the Walk of Wisdom on June 21st! The opening ceremony is open to the public, but please register via this link

More about the House for the City Centre:

From their latest newsletter:

 Late summer in the Lower Town uses activity budget

Various entrepreneurs from Nijmegen are organizing an event together for the 2nd time this year: “Late summer in the Lower Town”. Ivo Thijssen is one of the initiators and once again appealed to the activity budget on behalf of the organization. Again with success. “Last year we laid a good foundation. This year we will expand on this. Good for the bond between entrepreneurs and an added value for the visitors. The contribution from the activity budget is a nice helping hand, so that more is possible. In addition, new contacts are created that can contribute to the success, for example by supporting the promotion.” Would you like to organize something with entrepreneurs in your street? Applications can still be submitted. Enquiries via:[email protected]