Goudreinet writes new song for our pilgrimage tradition

How nice: we have an extra farewell song for our departure ceremony for pilgrims. It was written by Goudreinet, the alias of Janneke van Dijk.

Janneke van Dijk alias Goudreinet

New music

The Walk of Wisdom has only been around for eight years as a pilgrimage tradition. Whether we will still be around in 100 years depends on people who want to go on the journey or support it as volunteers or donors. That feels good at the moment: we work with more than 60 volunteers and last year almost 3,000 pilgrims came to Nijmegen to walk the walk.

One of our volunteers is Janneke van Dijk, alias Goudreinet. Janneke plays a few times a year at our free departure ceremonies for pilgrims that we hold in the Nicolaas Chapel in Nijmegen. This more than 1,000-year-old chapel is located in the Valkhof Park and is therefore also called Valkhof Chapel. In the special, intimate chapel, we organize a free moment of reflection for departing pilgrims every third Saturday.

Janneke makes music for the pilgrims a few times a year. At our invitation, she wrote her own farewell song, as an alternative to the pilgrim song by Mark Schilders (ga pilgrim, ga). In departure ceremonies where she plays, we sing the song a few times and wave it goodbye to the pilgrims.

Pilgrim’s Song

I closed my front door
My sorrows and sorrows, greetings!
I’m wearing my hiking boots
I’m leaving home in good spirits

To break new ground,
Into the wide sky
to break new ground,
Into the wide sky


More about Goudreinet

A few weeks ago I happened to be at a departure ceremony where Janneke was playing and heard her song for the first time. The music is still in my ears. Well done, Goudreinet! Thank you for your contribution to our budding pilgrimage tradition.

More about the music of Goudreinet, check out the website : https://www.goudreinet-liedjes.nl/