Goudreinet at our departure ceremony on Saturday

Janneke van Dijk will accompany our departure ceremony with music on Saturday 15 September. Janneke will also play under the stage name “Goudreinet” this weekend at the 3Oeverfestival around the head Pannerden, near Nijmegen. At the ceremony, she and master of ceremonies Manja Bente provide a warm and meaningful departure moment for pilgrims who then set off.

Janneke has never played at a departure ceremony of the Walk of Walk of Wisdom , but spontaneously said “yes!” when we were looking for someone for Saturday. We are happy that she is coming and hope for another beautiful ceremony. Pilgrim Ton Reijnders will talk about his experience with the route.

Start: 10.00 a.m., Valkhof Chapel Nijmegen (also called Nicolaas Chapel).
Gathering: 09.45h at the statue of Mariken van Nimweghen on the Grote Markt, near the starting point the Stevens Church. From there we walk in silence to the chapel.

More about the ceremony: https://walkofwisdom.org/evenement/vertrekceremonie-voor-pelgrims-12/
More about Goudreinet: http://www.goudreinet-liedjes.nl/index.html

Goudreinet performs Dutch-language songs with unexpected subjects.”