Giving something back to nature: our contribution to the landscape


We feel that taking care of nature fits in with being on the road through the landscape as a pilgrim.

When we explored Santiago de Compostela in the development phase of our route, we were shocked by all the waste along the way. Often just left behind by pilgrims. To do something about it, we cleaned up at least three pieces of trash every day.

That felt good and we decided to make that attention a permanent part of the Walk of Wisdom tradition. Our starter pack contains a bag with the invitation to clean up as well. Furthermore, part of the registration fee goes to nature and landscape projects on the route.

Action Home Sparrow

From every donation for our starter pack, we save at least €1 for the landscape along the route.

Landscape contribution

The money will go to nature organizations such as Natuurmonumenten, Gelders Landschap and the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association, but also our beloved starting and ending point the Stevenskerk. We support the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds and have helped, among other things: State forest bear with a breeding raft for the Black Tern. We also sponsored Land van Ons and one of the food forests on our route: the Bodemzicht foundation.

There are now dozens of nesting boxes of ours as a result of our action Thuismus and together with one of our volunteers and host families we realized a ‘philosopher’s bench’.

The more pilgrims …

The more pilgrims come, the greater the burden on the landscape, but the more we can give back to it. This keeps things a bit balanced.

If you have concrete suggestions to do something or if you want to do something extra: let us know!

Mail to [email protected]

philosopher's bench
Philosopher’s bench (design: Tejo Zwanenburg), saved thanks to the donations for our silent walks