Four Days Marches leader Johan Willemstein

Johan Willemstein, march leader of the Four Days Marches Nijmegen, is going to write a page for the pilgrim’s book and thus become the forerunner of the Walk of Wisdom.

Good news for our pilgrimage route in development to be supported by the march leader of the Walk of the World. In almost 100 years, the Four Days Marches has grown into an annual walking ritual with a great atmosphere. Soldiers from all over the world walk the streets unarmed in their battalions singing and the city is buzzing with positivity for a few days.

Johan Willemstein has been committed to keeping the walking event on the right track since 1981, as chairman since 1999. He does this in a down-to-earth, yet always cheerful and resolute manner. With 11 participations in the 4×50 kilometers, he literally has his feet on the ground, while with the Walk of Walk of Wisdom he now shows that he also has an affinity with the spiritual path.

As a march leader, he is the forerunner of around 40,000 walkers every year. Apparently, this is a good example and we hope that in the future this will also apply to his predecessor of the Walk of Wisdom.