Five-day hiking week on the Walk of Wisdom

Manja Bente and Thomas Hontelez are organizing a special walking week on the Walk of Wisdom from 5 to 9 August. The theme is a reflection on your relationship with the earth. Manja is co-developer of the route and Thomas is a board member.

  • Dates: Sunday morning 5 August to Thursday afternoon 9 August.
  • Costs: €315 or €282.50 for registered pilgrims.
  • Including guidance, departure ceremony, (adventurous) overnight stays, breakfast and dinner.
  • Maximum of ten participants.
  • We walk the first 91 kilometers of the route from the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen to the city inn de Keurvorst in Ravenstein.

For more information or to sign up, click here : link.

This walking week fits in with Nijmegen’s Green Capital of Europe 2018. You are invited to formulate an intention for a green lifestyle. Whether you do that and what it is, is completely up to you. Manja buys her groceries as plastic-free as possible for a year. Thomas doesn’t buy any new stuff for a year.

More: link.
Photo: Bart Kouwenberg.