Feed the Source: report on the special departure ceremony on the Waal


Manja Bente recently supervised a special departure ceremony on the Waal. The ceremony was for Tamar Falconer who left with her camel Einstein to promote her book and lifestyle as a “full-time adventurer”. The ceremony was an initiative of Feed the Source (Frans Willem Deliën) who made a pilgrimage to the source of the Waal as a tribute to the river, source of our drinking water.

A report by Manja Bente, co-developer of the Walk of Wisdom.

A few weeks ago we held a beautiful departure ceremony on the river Waal. As Walk of Wisdom , we were invited by Frans Willem Deliën of Feed the Source to provide this ceremony. Tamar Valkenier would make a pilgrimage along the Rhine with camel Einstein and Frans Willem would make his way to the source of the river. In this way we could wish them a good trip.

It’s great to be able to connect different initiatives. One of the core values of the Walk of Wisdom is connection with the earth. Part of the route runs along the river and we cleaned up a lot of rubbish along the Waal in our early years. Soon we will do it again (World Clean up day 16 September: join us!). We also support many nature organisations.

From the ferry house in Varik, Frans Willem Deliën is committed to raising awareness that the river is our drinking water via “feed the source“. About twice a year he goes on a pilgrimage to the source of the Rhine (and thus the Waal) to ‘feed’ this source with “love, gratitude, joy.” He wants to contribute to “clean accounting” through eco-logical thinking and working.

We are often not aware of it, but we are made up of almost 70% water. As humans and animals, we are dependent on water and often do not realize it, because it just runs out of the tap. If we want to take good care of our bodies, it starts with taking good care of our drinking water.

Departure ceremony on the Waal

During the well-attended departure ceremony, Hannafloor de Roos made music and afterwards a group of people accompanied Tamar and Einstein on their first stretch along the Waal. Tamar walked to promote her book and lifestyle as a “full-time adventurer”. After a few weeks, Tamar brought Einstein back, partly due to the persistent bad weather. She thought it would be better to continue the journey with her bike.

On World Clean up Day on September 16, from 1.30 p.m., I will clean up the Spiegelwaal: an island in the Waal, right in front of the center of Nijmegen. Are you coming too? The Walk of Wisdom treats you to a drink afterwards. Have a look here.

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