“Something like that melts my heart” – Marlies (and Pieter) on the Walk of Wisdom

Marlies and Pieter walked the Walk of Wisdom together in 2022. Afterwards, Marlies wrote…
10 March 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Are you our new board member?

Our current secretary is passing on the baton after eight years (thanks Jan!). As a result,…
15 February 2024/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

A tattoo as a memory – report by Willie van Gurp

"Hello lovely people of the Walk...." Willie van Gurp from Zwolle registered as the 15,048th…
22 November 2023/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

Our new (free) departure ceremonies for 2024 are online

You can now register for our (free) departure ceremonies of 2024. For a bit of reflection…
8 November 2023/by Damiaan Messing

Landscape contribution: €222 for nature foundation Kadans in Nederasselt

Although our route runs right past it, pilgrims will not know the area. Out of sight, but not out of mind!
4 October 2023/by Damiaan Messing

Greetje Kuiken: Walk of Wisdom and Compassion

The Walk of Wisdom gradually became a "Walk of Wisdom and Compassion" for Greetje Kuiken.…
23 September 2023/by Redactie Walk of Wisdom

New dates: free online orientation evenings on walking the Walk of Wisdom

Are you interested in walking the Walk of Wisdom or have you already registered?

10 September 2023/by Damiaan Messing

Hooray: it’s the Walk of Wisdom birthday!

Today, on 21 June, the Walk of Wisdom around Nijmegen celebrates its eighth anniversary.…
21 June 2023/by Damiaan Messing

€555,- for worm castings

In her boots, Anne van Leeuwen of Bodemzicht led us to her regenerative field in Malden.…
2 April 2023/by Damiaan Messing

Unique opportunity: gardening at the Tempelhof

The designers of our symbol - Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas - are looking for volunteers…
30 March 2023/by Damiaan Messing

Annual theme: what is your germination capacity?

Germination is the annual theme of the Walk of Wisdom in 2023.

All that wants life…
8 March 2023/by Damiaan Messing

Pilgrim’s Happiness – by Francine Postma

My sixth day of hiking has started grey. There is a chilly wind and it is drizzling.…
29 January 2023/by Damiaan Messing