Expectations…. (the Walk of Wisdom by Bert Besems)

Bert Besems walked the Walk of Wisdom and wrote the pilgrim’s report below. Would you also like to send in a report or one or more photos that characterize your trip? Mail us at [email protected]. This is how our pilgrimage tradition grows…

Bert Besems


Fresh Inspiration
Powerful inspiration
New perspective
Fresh insights
Clean views
Head with space
Heart receptive
Playing with light
Hope for otherwise
Stacked expectations

My Mission Started
Hit the road
Fought along the way
But along the way I discovered
That inspiration hid itself
Inspiration was lost
Hope didn’t come
Void left unfilled
Insights were lacking
Labyrinths were created
Expectations are shattered.

Was it dreaming?
Was it too small?
Was it too big?
Wasn’t I there?
Where was I?

But inexorable
Later and later
Looking back to the days
I see more than I thought
Beautiful tracks
Victories achieved
Found love
Space moved
Views saved
Crossing the finish line
As the start of today.

Searched and found:
It was a true Walk of Wisdom

Bert Besems