Every evening on the Walk of Wisdom: the Sunset March

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Some places lift you above your own story. The Nijmegen bridge the Oversteek – at the end of our route – is such a place. There, at sunset, 48 pairs of lanterns are lit one by one every evening, at the pace of a slow march. It is a tribute to the 48 Allied soldiers who died for our freedom while crossing the Waal.

Since the opening of the bridge, veterans have been walking with the lights every evening: the Sunset March. The so-called ‘group of 31’ ensures that at least one veteran participates in the march every day. The march is in silence and everyone can join for free.

The Sunset March was run for the 2,500th time last month and has now been officially declared a UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

Would you like to join this special march at the end of your tour? Registration is not necessary. The time can be found here: https://www.sunsetmarch.nl/

Background information:

https://youtu.be/AontzVy2BWA https://youtu.be/tXhyFJ1j1oY

Photo source: https://nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bestand:Sunset_March.jpg