Establishment of Walk of Wisdom Foundation and Logo

On July 30, 2011 we received a special request from Damiaan Messing for a meeting to exchange ideas. He enthusiastically explained that as a ritual researcher in development, he dreamed of a new, global pilgrimage route that would connect people across the boundaries of nationality, culture and religion.
After our enthusiastic reactions to his story, he asked us if the Golden Plant as an Icon, as a symbol of solidarity would be possible for this pilgrimage route and if our global project Anima Mundi might be an interesting place in the whole.

The yet to be realized Quantum-Art project  Anima Mundi on the dike near the Municipality of Beuningen in the Land of Maas and Waal is a contemporary powerhouse of awareness, a monumental open temple, as a magisterial beacon on the river, inspired by the Greek Agora or Stoa, a contemplative meeting place towards a New Man and Worldview: the imagination of the quantum leap, consciousness in change.

This is where August 2011 begins a new Big Story!
The link between the Anima Mundi project  and the WOW pilgrimage

Very soon we had a unique metaphor for the requested WOW Icon, man as a Seedling of Mother Earth.  The icon, the walker becomes aware of his connection with nature and with each other, in search of the meaning-giving of his own unique potential as part of creation, part of the greater whole. Macro = Micro, Micro = Macro.  Man on his way to a New Renaissance.

At the meetings at  De Tempelhof,  a declaration of intent and the establishment on 10-10-2011 of the WOW Foundation with Damiaan Messing as chairman, brother Martijn Messing and the undersigned the artist duo Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas were created in rapid succession.

While Damiaan further develops the philosophy of the WOW and arranges all kinds of practical matters, we react to his new developments and in the meantime the Mayors involved go off the route one by one  approach for a broad support base for Anima Mundi as a global temple of awareness in connection with the development of the pilgrimage route WOW. Of course, this takes much more time than we thought, but very carefully in this pioneering phase, fixed elements emerge.

For example, Damiaan now has a basic website with a logo up and running and the Mayors of Beuningen and Druten are the first to be enthusiastic about thinking along.

To be continued! 

Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas, De Tempelhof, Winssen