Earth angels and a (small) gesture to save the world – Marlieke Overmeer

Marlieke Overmeer

Artist Marlieke Overmeer participates in our second pilgrim book of hours On the Way to Wisdom. She has painted a series of ‘Earth Angels’ especially for us.

She also designed a (small) gesture to save the world. We will reveal what that gesture is at the presentation of the first chapter of our book on 3 September. Spoiler: we need you on board! (Photo by Manja Bente).

The Artist’s Way

Marlieke Overmeer has been searching for the back, inside and bottom of Things (of Life) for years. She made a deep impression on us through her exhibition Stil is koe with paintings about cows exhibited in a recently closed slaughterhouse. What was special was that former employees were also involved. This created a very diverse and fascinating perspective.

Earlier, Marlieke had already touched us with her traveling exhibition of a circle of colorful, dismantled tea cozies. The circle popped up as a ‘mobile quiet place’ in public space. She turned it into a picture book , in which the Chinese wisdom book the I Ching also plays a role: On the contrary.

The source nearby

In recent years, Marlieke has focused on art retreats and workshops with people who ‘want to be close to the source’. Under her warm and inspiring guidance, she allows people to create something new themselves. She usually works with a theme and likes to work with collages. For example, a participant who was struggling with the death of her father had them take a cloak with her, after which something beautiful came out of it in the workshop.

Small gesture to save the world

On her Facebook page , ‘Earth angels. Expressions of her message that the heavenly is also present in the earthly and small around us. For example, in the people you meet on the street. Especially for our new book of hours On the Way to Wisdom , she published a series of Earth Angels.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also designed a small gesture to save the world. Her creative adaptation of the origins of the Walk of Wisdom and a sequel to earlier work. We’ll reveal exactly what the gesture looks like on 3 September. Welcome!

More about Marlieke Overmeer

More about Marlieke on her website.

Marlieke Overmeer