Designer Anne Louman at pilgrim’s lauds this Saturday

Seizoenen van het Leven - een hedendaags getijden- en pelgrimsboek

Every attentive visitor to the Stevens Church in Nijmegen will have seen it: the large open Book of Hours in a beautiful wooden casing at the entrance of the church. The book – Seasons of Life – contains life wisdom from well-known and unknown Dutch people and is bound with 40 bound small works of art (miniatures). The designer of the book – Anne Louman – will read a story from it at sunrise on Saturday 2 March.

That Saturday, Anne will be the ‘reader of service’ at our ninth pilgrimage lauds: a silent procession through the church at sunrise (7.31 am) that ends with the book on display. At a time when the church is normally closed, you can now go inside to listen to a bit of reflection after a slow journey through the abandoned monument.

The pilgrim’s lauds take place on the first Saturday of every month. The reflection lasts fifteen minutes and is free to attend. A great time to start your pilgrimage.

Meet at 7.30 am at the side entrance of the church: Stevenskerkhof 62. Be on time: the door is locked! More information:

Stevenspedel at the pilgrim's lauds