Desanne van Brederode at the opening on 21 June


Writer Désanne van Brederode has promised to hold a recital at the opening of the walk of wisdom on 21 June.

The midsummer opening of the route is designed as a grand departure ritual of the first 75 pilgrims. We are busy with a real ‘sound carpet’ as a red carpet for the departure from the Stevenskerk, the mayor of Nijmegen hands out the pilgrims their starter pack and interesting speakers give the pilgrims a consideration for the road. The first speaker has now been announced: Désanne van Brederode.

In recent years, Désanne van Brederode has been advocating a new virtue: wavering courage. The courage not to hold on to one identity that you propagate as a kind of brand to everyone and everywhere you go. According to her, wavering courage is the virtue of trying to stay open and not to get stuck in positions and points of view. 

A noble virtue that is well worth considering. On June 21, Désanne will tell you more about this. 


Photo: Levien Willemse