Coaches and trainers discover the Walk of Wisdom

More and more trainers or walking coaches are getting in touch. They have often walked as pilgrims themselves, feel addressed and want to organize a guided tour, for example.

We welcome that. We think along with you about overnight stays and leave everyone free. The only thing we think is important is that participants are registered with a starter pack. In this way, the training contributes to the route and the landscape (through our landscape contribution) and participants come into contact with our ideas. Freedom and connectedness!

Go Camino! Five-day event: 6 – 10 April

Elvira Rog from Go Camino! from Ghent in Flanders organizes a five-day guided pilgrimage over the first stages up to and including the pilgrim monastery in Velp (NB). Here you will also spend the night in a single room. Including four nights’ accommodation, breakfast, a packed lunch, starter pack and transfer to the monastery, it costs €499,-.

Dates: April 6-10. More.

The physical process of long-distance running, the mental peace, being outside, in connection with the world around you, all those beautiful and valuable encounters, the insight into what is really important and therefore putting things into perspective, finding the incredible strength of your body and mind and therefore balance, it has brought me so much.

Walk your own path, have respect for nature and your fellow human beings, and enjoy life.

Ultreia, see you soon, Elvira.

Daily Pilgrim/Koan training Six days: 11 – 16 May

Annemieke Oost and Jennecke Stradmeijer are organising a six-day pilot from 11 to 16 May under the motto ‘Become a pilgrim for a week and discover the power of simplicity, encounter, deepening and adventure‘. They always spend the night somewhere else on the route. Including 5 overnight stays, breakfast, program/guidance and starter package, they have a pilot rate of €499,-.

Pilot dates: 11 – 16 May. More: link.

The Walk of Wisdom is not just a walking tour, but above all a journey inwards. We set off on the basis of a theme or question and along the way we work with storytelling, small assignments, experiential exercises, silence or just a good conversation. We go into unknown territory and off beaten track. Literally and figuratively. A wonderful way to get to know yourself better in meeting other pilgrims.

Annemieke (Daily Pilgrim) and Jennecke (Koan training)

Royal Visio – September

Institute that runs every year with people who have a visual impairment due to birth, accident or illness. They have been on the road for three years with about ten clients and there are always a few ‘buddies’ walking along. (Not open registration).

Comenius walk – four seasons

Of a completely different order is the ‘Comenius Walk’ of the Comenius Leadership Courses. The courses are affiliated with the University of Groningen and are aimed at “executives”, academics in senior management positions. They bring them into contact with leading scientists, artists and musicians, as well as religious. For the past year, I have also been walking on the Walk of Wisdom, spread over four seasons.

Start dates: March (full) and 3 September. Price on request and just like the high-level program: more.

Executive program focused on wise leadership, in which positive and adaptive dealing with the new and the unexpected is central. The Comenius Walk is a contemporary variation on the age-old themes of pilgrimage, wandering, wandering, searching and wandering. Exercise is at the heart of this. Movement relaxes the body and creates space in the head. Room for new insights and for new ambitions. Walking purifies, stimulates ordering and letting go. Walking with Comenius is above all: moving towards wisdom.

Individual coaching

Lidia from England

If you are looking for guidance just for yourself, we recommend the accessible pilgrim coaching of Lidia van Engeland or Ted van Rijt. They offer two interviews: one before you leave and one afterwards. The aim of the conversations is to find out what is on your mind most at the moment and what you can do with it during a trip of 136 kilometers.

More. Costs: €125,- + VAT

Cover photo: trainers of pension insight (Stavoor) who recently became donors together.