Claartje chants mantras during the departure ceremony


Claartje Bos (vocals) and Kristine Knoppers (accordion and vocals) will accompany a few mantras for the departing pilgrims at the next departure ceremony, Saturday 20 January.

Claartje has been involved in the Walk of wisdom from the very beginning, including packing starter kits. She teaches yoga in Valburg and also regularly organizes mantra evenings and the weekly Rondje Valburg, where she walks with people on Monday mornings at sunrise while singing the mantra of light.

Mantras are ancient texts in Sanskrit that have a healing effect. On the initiative of Clartje, a peace pole has been erected in Valburg with the text ‘May peace reign on earth’ in four languages. Such a pole can also be found at the Hotel Musschenberg in Berg en Dal, near the route of the Walk of Wisdom.

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